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STRATEGY:  A conscious and deliberate process of implementation to ensure future success.


Organizations strive for strategic methods to maximize time, cost and quality.  Successful organizations follow a business plan and begin each year with a renewed strategy to achieve success and revenue goals. 


Why not the same for your wellness initiatives?  Know where you’re going and how to increase your likelihood of long term wellness success.     


Sandra Larkin is an Executive Wellness Consultant who designs and develops dynamic wellness programs using the whole person wellness™ approach.  Whole person wellness ™  centers on developing the employees total well being through methods in social, intellectual, emotional, physical and occupational areas. 


Benefits ….


Enhance associate loyalty to organization


Decrease in medical claims and prescription
     drug cost due to stress management on the body
    and mind


Reduced sick leave, absenteeism, employee


Increase in staff retention


Foster a team environment and strengthen
    employee trust


Optimize levels of performance, productivity
     and workforce efficiency


Increase positive attitude or outlook


Advance employee readiness in
     accepting change




A strategic wellness program focuses on the continued care and development of the work force while creating valuable feedback for the organization.  Management is free to concentrate on business related issues.  If you find yourself saying “Our people are our best company asset”, there’s now a way to prove it to them.

Executive Wellness Consulting

       Sandra provides objective direction, creativity and ideas in planning and delivering your wellness initiatives.  She assists in the development of a results-oriented verses activity-centered wellness program.

Executive Wellness Consulting:

bullet Captures senior level support through strategic
methods and vision casting
bullet Creates an effective cohesive wellness team
including responsibility definition
bullet Collects data to drive health care efforts
bullet Crafts an operating plan with vision and timelines
bullet Designs appropriate interventions for a well balanced program including incentives and recognition campaigns
bullet Structures a supportive environment so that associates feel encouraged and rewarded for a healthy lifestyle
bullet Evaluates the outcome in alignment with measurable goals and feedback

Strategic Wellness Operating Plan Creation and Development



Creation of a written strategic wellness operating plan with Senior Management and the Wellness Team.  This includes mission and vision statements, wellness interventions, budget, timetable and evaluation methods.  A whole person wellness ™ approach is used to effectively target  associates needs in the areas of physical, emotional, intellectual, occupational and social health.


The outcome is written strategic wellness plan with effective interventions that align with company goals.  It becomes the organizations guideline for continual employee wellness while achieving bottom line results.

Strategic Wellness Solutions ™:
Work/Life Balance Wellness Program


Sandra Larkin is the creator of Strategic Wellness Solutions ™ developed in response to her own challenge with balancing corporate success with personal wellness.


All wellness interventions are customized, onsite and results focused working in conjunction with current organizational wellness solutions.


Customized interventions include training solutions, personal and executive coaching, fitness and nutrition evaluations, yoga, massage, reflexology, professional imaging, lunch and learns, personal training, group fitness and much more.


Each wellness provider is carefully screened with background, reference and certification checks to provide the organization with a secure and qualified wellness provider. We strive to maximize associate safety and security.

Respect For People

      I value each person's intrinsic worth and uniqueness.  I acknowledge your contribution and honor your opinions.  My work environment is open, honest, supportive and fulfilling and is built on trust.  I am here to see your strengths and to help you overcome doubt.  I am here to help you understand yourself as a person of strength and competence that you really are and to be the emotional bridge who holds the space for you to risk and change.

Responsibility For Actions and Results

      I challenge the status quo, promote continuous improvement and lead by example.  I will assist you in defining your personal and professional goals in alignment with your needs, values and your genuine self.  Also, assisting you in creating strategies discovering resources and taking action confidently


      Your success is built on the quality of our relationship.  We will communicate openly and truthfully in order to work towards your goals.  I encourage constructive feedback at all times.  I will make request, offer suggestions, advice and opinions, and share intuitive hunches, that maybe helpful in facilitating your ongoing forward momentum

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